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Site building is the Drupal role that everyone should know, as it's the core Drupal competency for site creation. Site building involves getting Drupal up and running, and configuring the options to build a functional site. This covers tasks such as creating content types, lists with Views, menus, and setting up roles and permissions.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a site builder is that you can build a very powerful site without writing a single line of code. By understanding the many contributed Drupal modules and how they work together, you can build a complete site, or take a key role as part of a larger team that customizes on top of the foundation laid by the site builder.

Site builders will need to know how to install Drupal, configure core, and add new features with contributed modules. Over time, you'll learn to assess new modules you're reviewing to be able to find and choose the best one for your needs.

The most important prerequisite for Drupal site building is a general understanding of how the web works and how to follow steps to install a dynamic web application. Although being familiar with code is not a prerequisite, knowing HTML and CSS can be very helpful, even if you don't apply the knowledge regularly. Knowing how to set up a Drupal site manually or using an application or service is also an important prerequisite skill for a site builder not only to learn Drupal but to test out configuration changes before deploying or configuring them on a live website.

Check out the What is a Drupal Site Builder? podcast for more insight into this role.

What will you learn

  • Create and configure content types and fields
  • Build custom lists with Views
  • Design site navigation with menus
  • Set up access control with roles and permissions

What about Drupal 9?

Long story, short: the vast majority of Drupal 8 tutorials will work on Drupal 9 sites. Due to how innovation now works in Drupal, new features are released in minor versions. Major releases, like the release of Drupal 9, contain all the features of Drupal 8, but with deprecated APIs removed, and some 3rd-party libraries updated. Learn more about Drupal 9 and what it means for your learning journey in our Guide to Drupal 9.